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my name is Job (rhymes with robe) and welcome to Job’s Journal, a blog about journaling, lettering, and design. As someone who loves the process of creating things, whether it is through cooking, baking, or film and digital photography, I’ve never thought of myself as someone who could create “art”. Job’s Journal has been a project centered on deconstructing this personal misconception that an average joe like myself, cannot create art.


Job’s Journal initially started as a recreational Instagram account devoted to logging my journaling journey in my newly acquired Midori Traveler’s Notebook. Little did I know that by purchasing that first leather notebook, I would fall so deeply in love with the process of memory keeping and creating. I soon took up calligraphy and lettering, and through trial and error, was able to learn basic brush lettering and pointed pen calligraphy. I’ve always loved graphic design and striking logos, so with my new found lettering and calligraphy skills, I started learning about logo designs. I currently create logo designs for blogs and websites in my free time.


If you have any questions or work-related inquiries, or would just like to say hi, please contact me here or email me at


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