Hello! I’m so excited to present you all this new blog series called EVERYDAY CREATORS, a series in which I interview, you guessed it, EVERYDAY CREATORS.  I basically want to share with you all that anybody can take time out of their day and create something.  We may not all work in the creative field, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t create beautiful work ourselves.  In the coming weeks I will be sharing interviews with people of different walks of life and sharing their experiences, stories and journey in their creative life.


Before I start the interview, I just wanted to say that the first EVERYDAY CREATOR, is a personal childhood friend of mine; a brother if you want to get cheesy here.  I’ve seen him grow so much over the years and I’m excited to share his story and journey with you all.  Without further ado, our first EVERYDAY CREATOR is Miguel of @ACUPANDPAGES.


  1. Hey Miguel! Could you please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi I’m Miguel from @acupandpages =) Can I put a smiley face there? I will anyways.


  1. How long have you been crafting, journaling and practicing calligraphy?

Crafting, I believe is something everybody does at one stage of their life or another. I mean as a child, I couldn’t really avoid it because of school, and it is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. Calligraphy is something I’ve dabbled in for a few years but I haven’t quite stuck to it until the past half year. I’m still quite terrible at it, but I’m working on it! Similarly, journaling is something I’ve only started doing for about a year.


  1. How did get you started in crafting, journaling and calligraphy?

I was introduced to art early in my childhood when my grandparents enrolled me in summer art classes for a few summers. Such early exposure to art and incorporating creative thinking has shaped who I am as a person. Crafting, journal and calligraphy are simply differing creative outlets that stems from my childhood. Crafting like I said earlier is something I’ve done since I was a kid. I’ve done journaling in a form of a diary when I was younger and it wasn’t something I could fully commit and invest time in. With the purchase of my first Traveler’s Notebook, I finally saw journaling in a different light. I found that journaling is not limited to writing down thoughts on a blank piece of paper, but it can be done in such an artful and visually appealing fashion. You are probably the first person I’ve seen do so in such a manner. (Job’s Edit: THANKS!) My first encounter with calligraphy that I could remember was probably in the seventh grade when my parents bought me one of those calligraphy kits from the Scholastic book fair (ah good times). Similar to journaling, I’ve been touch and go with calligraphy until recently. I honestly believe that I was just an impatient kid not wanting to spend the time to see the results, but as an older, less immature adult, I now have a different mentality.


  1. Where do you draw inspiration from?

My everyday life, to be honest. I’m a bit spoiled living in a city so vibrant and full of energy. It’s hard not to see the beauty in my surroundings whether that’s the architecture or the people. Books are also a big one; honestly, I’m always tempted to make all my stuff Harry Potter themed. I’m also a big fan of poetry both written and spoken word. A lot of the quotes that I transcribe to paper are usually lines from poetry I adore.


  1. Do you think you have your own artistic style or aesthetic? If so, could you explain.

For journaling, crafting, and calligraphy? Not so much, since I myself am fairly new to the entire scene and I think I’m still in the process of developing a specific style. For the time being, I’m trying out different techniques and styles to figure out what works for me. As for showcasing my projects and work, I do believe I have specific style and pattern and this is actually stated in my username: acupandpages. The second part of my account is dedicated to display my varying collection of teacups and saucers. I’ve always enjoyed the look of teacups and afternoon tea, and I’ve always wanted to incorporate that into my content.


  1. Besides crafting, journaling and calligraphy, do you have any other hobbies and interests? How do these other activities tie in with you art?

I enjoy reading as many people do, but I definitely make it a point to read as much as I can, even in spare moments. You will usually find me with my ereader or reading from my phone. Nothing inspires more, and brings out more imagery than a beautifully written book.


  1. As a Traveler’s Notebook user, what do you primarily use your traveler’s notebook for?

It’s honestly mostly filled with quickly jotted down quotes. Also I take coffee somewhat seriously, so there’s quite a bit of notes about coffee (that makes me sound like a coffee snob, I’m not. Honest). I weigh beans and tweak around the ratios to see if flavor profiles may differ and all that goes down in my Traveler’s Notebook.


  1. What are a few of your favourite art supplies/stationery? What is one piece of stationery or art supply you have on your wishlist?

I recently got into stamps, both rubber stamps and postage stamps. Postage stamps have so much character and tell differing stories. Rubber stamps are honestly just so much fun and honestly could be anything. I have set of Disney princess rubber stamps that I’ve yet to use, but I’ve really been meaning to. On to my wishlist, I’ve been meaning to get an ink cartage for my typewriter and that’s literally on my Amazon wishlist. Other than that, I actually just enjoy going to art and crafts store and see what they have and see if inspiration stems from it.


  1. What is it is like being a guy in the crafting and journaling community? Are there any challenges?

The journaling community and even the bookstagram community have been great and I honestly don’t think that sex really plays much of a factor. I must admit that there are quite a bit more females in these types of communities compared to males. It may simply be the sociocultural mentality that these fields are aimed for women. I don’t really mind it because it’s amazing to be influenced by such people.


  1. Lastly, do you have any tips or words of advice to anybody who wants to start a creative hobby?

Just do it! Cliché as it may seem, the first step really is to just jump right in. For the longest time I’ve been holding off on calligraphy because I believed that I didn’t have the proper tools but now I actually enjoying writing with a simple Crayola sharpie. Also, do love what you do, just because it’s a hobby doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require time and hard work. Not seeing an instant result can be a little discouraging especially with how the social mentally is nowadays. Enjoy the work. Enjoy the process.



I hope you enjoyed the first interview of the EVERYDAY CREATORS series.  It was a pleasure peeking into Miguel’s creative process and journey. You can find Miguel on Instagram and his usernames is @ACUPANDPAGES! Go show him some love. Stay tuned for the next EVERYDAY CREATORS interview coming soon.




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