Hello! I’m pleased to present the second EVERYDAY CREATORS interview today, and today we will be looking into Joy Chong’s incredible world of make-up, journaling and calligraphy, If you want to learn more about how these three hobbies intersect, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here’s today’s EVERYDAY CREATOR Joy of @JOYCHONG!


Hello! My name is Joy Chong and I am located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I turn 28 years old this year (by the time you publish this I am sure I would have turned 28 already) and I work full-time for a Social Enterprise while teaching calligraphy and do makeup on the side.



So far I have found both to be quite separate. I have yet to have a wedding makeup client ask me to write things for her as well. These two may or may not cross paths in the future but who knows, it would be exciting.


I started calligraphy in April 2015, and journaling in August 2015.



I needed a hobby and was not sure what to do. I always tell my students it was either calligraphy or knitting. I’m glad I chose calligraphy. I have always liked creating things with my hands and I think calligraphy was a good way to explore my creativity as well. I started journaling because I went to a journal meet-up without a journal and was inspired by everything everyone had created. I eventually decided I would get one as well a few weeks after.


From everywhere and Instagram! Sometimes I see something call out to me when I’m out and I see how I can incorporate it into my journal or calligraphy. I usually do wedding makeup and the looks do not change dramatically, so I am usually inspired by the bride herself.



Sometimes I step away and not force myself to create. It can be difficult when you’re caught in a rut and you keep pushing yourself to force something out. It makes things difficult and not very fun, so sometimes it’s good to step away and relax with something else instead.


I think I like colourful things. I have always been drawn to colour and I like seeing how they come together. I am still experimenting and trying new things along the way.



I like going to the gym with friends. I do enjoy a good session of HIIT (high intensity interval training). This does not tie in with my art! Haha!


I use it as a journal to write down things that I have done. I do not use it to plan what is to come. It’s mainly used to store memories.



It took a long time to get to where I am because I was never good at taking photos starting off, but I think I am improving. I have learned from many friends along the way, since they have given me some really great tips. I also learned from what I saw on Instagram. In general, I’m trying to keep things less messy and to try a semi minimalist style. I still like to keep things colourful though, I really like seeing lots of colours in a photo. I don’t think there is a perfect photo but I do try and improve as I go along.


I really like stuff by Classiky and Chamil Garden at the moment. 36 Sublo stamps are also catching my eye lately. I also love writing in my journals with my Kaweco fountain pens. I fell out of love with them for awhile but recently rediscovered their beauty. I really like Kuretake water brush pens and Ecoline liquid watercolours for my brush calligraphy as well.



Honestly it was really just a dream at the start, but one day Stickerrific (Job’s Edit: Stickerrifc is a stationery store in Malaysia) informed me that many people would like to learn calligraphy and that’s how Sharon (from @ronnycakes) and I got started.


Just go ahead and try it! See how it goes! : ) It may or may not workout but it always takes some time to adapt to it.


I hope you enjoyed the second interview of the EVERYDAY CREATORS series.  It was a pleasure peeking into Joy’s creative process and journey. You can find Joy on Instagram and her usernames is @JOYCHONG! Go show her some love. Stay tuned for the next EVERYDAY CREATORS interview coming soon.






  1. Dear Joy, I am looking for a caligrapher to pen a poem/verse for a friend’s wedding gift. Please send me your contact details via email so that we can discuss your services.
    I am in KL
    Thanks, Jo

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