Skillshare and Self-Growth


This week I wanted to talk about Skillshare, the online learning platform that I’ve been exploring for the past month and discuss my experience with the platform so far. This is not a sponsored post just to let you know. All my opinions are my own and I truly (spoiler alert) enjoy and find value in Skillshare.

Let’s start with a run down with my experience with school and education. Ever since I graduated from university, I’ve been interested in finding ways to continue to learn and grow as a person. School and formal education has always appealed to me because I always did well under pressure and deadlines. However, all those deadlines, coupled with my own self-imposed pressure to excel in my studies also took a toll on my well-being and mental health. While I loved learning, school always seemed to stress me out, and even in my post-graduate life, I often reflect back on my university experience and how on-edge and stressed I was.  Fast forward to present day, and I’ve been out of the formal education system for almost two years now, and I already feel like my brain is melting. I know that’s an exaggeration, but that’s what it kind of feels like. My professors always stressed to me of the value of lifelong learning and the benefits of continuously exercising our brains, but when I was in school, lifelong learning was the least of my worries. Now, I finally understood what my professor meant. I think in general, my brain feels under-stimulated and it isn’t being challenged, hence the whole “I-think-my-brain-is-melting” statement. Equipped with this knowledge, I took to the internet, to find different skills and things I could learn to fill that void.  I decided to learn calligraphy and brush lettering at first, and that grew into art journaling and collaging, which fuelled my interest in design and digital art. While I learned calligraphy and brush lettering through trial and error, learning about design and digital art was something I needed much more guidance in, and that’s where Skillshare comes in.




What I love about Skillshare, is that Skillshare takes away most of the pressure and deadlines that come with formal education and schooling and puts learning in the hands of the student. There are a wide array of classes on the platform and many skilled teachers and educator who are willing to help and respond to your needs and questions.  Since I am interested in design, and digital art, I found many classes that catered to my needs. Most classes on Skillshare are thirty minutes to and hour long and classes are separated into shorter ten minute intervals, which allows students to follow along with the teachers and create something of their own.  Most classes also have a final project that students work towards completing for the class, but it is optional to post your final projects on the website.  The nice thing about posting completed projects on the platform, is seeing all your complete projects on your profile. It almost creates a mini portfolio of your work, which your peers and class teachers can like and provide feedback on.




Overall, I’ve had so much fun participating in various classes, and I’m learning so many new skill in an environment that is relaxed and fun. Learning new skills on Adobe Illustrator has really filled that void in my brain and generally, I’m finding it so much fun to learn new skills that I can apply to my work and hobbies (such as this blog and YouTube channel). The two projects that I’ve attached with this blog post are past assignments and if you check my Skillshare profile, you can check out all the other classes that I’m currently taking. You can try Skillshare free for one month, and then after that there is a monthly fee to continue to take classes on the platform. If you’re hesitant, try the free month trial for yourself to see if Skillshare is right for you. Hopefully in the future, I won’t just be a student on Skillshare, but a teacher too.


Thank you so much for reading. I know I didn’t post last week but I’m going to commit to one post per week instead of two. Thank you for understanding and see you all next week.





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