A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting The T.I.ME stationery store in Seoul. The whole Traveler’s Notebook community on Instagram has been following the owner, Seong Joon Shin’s journey as he built this amazing stationery heaven from the ground up.  It was obvious that I had to check out this new store with my own eyes.


Located in Ahyeon, The T.I.ME store is conveniently located near the Ahyeon Subway Station. You can take the Seoul subway, via Line 2 and exit Ahyeon Station to get to The T.I.ME store, which is right beside the Ahyeon Post Office. Please refer to the map below for more details.


During my visit, I was fortunate enough to be welcomed by Seong Joon himself. It was great to finally meet him in person since I’ve only interacted with him on Instagram. He was kind and very enthusiastic to talk about stationery and all things related to traveler’s notebooks. I admit that I was internally fanboying when I met him. He’s such an important figure in the Korea Traveler’s Notebook community and he also runs OMISE, which is the flagship online retailer of Midori and Traveler’s Company products in Korea. During my visit, Seong Joon offered to emboss my black traveler’s notebook. Since the store just opened, Seong Joon was offering complementary heat embossing to customers who wanted to customize their traveler’s notebooks. I decided to emboss my initials on the bottom left-hand side of my notebook.


I don’t want to ramble on for too long, but essentially, Seong Joon and I talked about stamps, traveler’s notebooks and his recent business ventures.  To celebrate the opening of The T.I.ME store, the Traveler’s Company sent over some official Traveler’s Factory stamps which are on loan to The T.I.ME store for a limited time.  Below is a journal spread showcasing a few of my favourite stamps that were at The T.I.ME store.

jobs-journal-time-visit-spreadI did some major damage at the store, but to be honest, I think I could have done much worse.  I purchased many small items,such as clips, stickers and charms for my other traveler’s notebooks.  I was tempted to purchase an MD paper journal along with a natural leather cover, but decided to save that for another trip to The T.I.ME store.


Before leaving the store, Seong Joon and I took a photo to commemorate this awesome day.  It’s quite rare to meet friends you’ve made on Instagram in real life.  #URLtoIRL

jobs-journal-job-and-seong-joonDon’t forget to check out The T.I.ME store tour and interview with Seong Joon that I filmed during my visit.  You can watch it on Youtube by clicking here or watching the embedded video down below.



I hope you all have a chance to visit The T.I.ME store if ever you find yourself in South Korea.  Seong Joon is such a kind and inspiring person, and I’ve learned so much about the stationery industry just by talking to him during my short visit.  Please check out Seong Joon’s Instagram account, as well as The T.I.ME store’s Instagram account to keep updated with the store and the amazing man behind it.  Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe to the Job’s Journal Youtube page for more videos and content like this.  Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a great day. Keep creating!





  1. ok thanks!
    tomorrow i catch the early train to Busan so i will miss the Seoul store:(
    do you know about any places to buy Traveler’s Notebook items in Busan?

    if not Busan then do you know if there is a ‘pop-up’ store at Seoul Incheon airport?

    appreciate all your help 🙂

    1. Hi Greg! I don’t think there are any pop-up stores at the Incheon Airport, but I think most Hotracks or Kyobo bookstores should carry some basic Traveler’s Notebook items. Hope this helps and I hope you end up finding what you need!

  2. thanks again! i’ll keep a look out. Great to be in Korea on business, I just had some Soju and Bulgogi beef… delicious. My girlfriend & I (Sweden) are keen watchers of your YT journaling channel and i try to find her a gift from the famous Traveler’s Notebook items. Keep posting your work is great:) inspiring and creative

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