Hello, it’s me: A Blog Update


Hello it’s me. Yes, I’m referencing Adele and yes, I’m sorry for disappearing from the blogsophere. I guess I should update you!

In short, I’ve been focusing most of my creative attention to YouTube! At the beginning of 2017, I made it a goal to post a video every week on my channel, and I’ve pretty much stuck to that. As most of you know, producing YouTube videos requires a lot of time, and producing quality content that I want to share (and that I’m proud of) on the internet has really push me to put in extra effort in to my videos.




Everyone always uses excuses to rationalize their departure from certain social media platform and blogs, and I guess I’m doing the same here.  Basically, juggling work and all my creative endeavours has been difficult and that’s why I decided to focus more of my free time and energy on creating YouTube and Instagram content.  That decision has caused me to put this blog in the back burner for the first half of 2017.




Well, I want to turn that around! I’m back and I have so many ideas for this website. I will definitely be bringing the Everyday Creators series back to the blog and I’m so excited to share more creators with you all. I hope you’re as excited as I am for all my future posts. Again, I’m sorry for my absence but I’m here now and I guess that’s all that matters. If you want to keep up to date with my daily life, I post daily photos on to Instagram and I post a new YouTube video every Thursday (9PM KST). My next blog post should be up on Wednesday this week.





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  1. Keeping up to date with so many different platforms is very challenging so I don’t blame you for putting your blog on hold. I had to put quite a few things on hold including my blog but recently “rebooted” it. Although most of what I post are on handmade cards. I have to keep telling myself to create more content on both my channel and blog but it’s tough. So I really admire how well you’re doing!

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